Focaccia is the flagship product of Pasticceria Tabiano and represents one of the typical products of the local baking. It is part of the family of raised pastry sweets and its natural raising process and the complexity of the production process require around 36 hours of work. It is very unique of its type, having a very similar shape to a panettone, but with a softness and lightness that distinguishes it from the other similar sweet products. Our Focaccia is filled with fruit pieces (peach, apricot, pineapple and orange), which have been processed and cut directly by us. Once the focaccia has been cooked and has cooled, a splash of maraschino syrup (a type of local liqueur made sour black cherries) is added to infuse a particular and unmistakable aroma and flavour.

In the production of our Focaccia bread we have reduced the content of butter without giving up an appetising, soft yeast-raised dough. The common panettone - in order to be recognised as such by law – must contain a quantity of fat not less than 16%. Our Focaccia bread has an even lower lipid content: only 11.3%. The consumer looks for a good product, but at the same time light, with few fats, without preservatives, colourings or flavours. People are always more attentive and conscious, this is why we have added "clear" to "light". How? With a transparent label that not only indicates the content and nutritional values, but also the origin of our ingredients.

On our labels we have written as much information as possible about the ingredients and raw materials largely organic without leaving out their origin. We focus on "traceability" and maximum transparency. How to consume our Focaccia bread? We recommend cutting it at least 20 days after its production. Just keep the Focaccia bread in a cool place: after three weeks, the mixture has acquired the right aromatic balance and it boasts its full organoleptic properties of taste, softness and moisture. What is its taste like? Maraschino, Grand Marnier, beer or green tea, according to the type of Focaccia bread chosen. These ingredients are combined with a syrup of water and sugar, the only natural preservative present in our product.