The Processing

We still carry out many phases of the working of our products manually: the selection of raw ingredients is fundamental to obtaining a quality product. The suppliers that we have chosen over the years have never changed and it is thanks to this relationship of trust and professionalism that we are always able to guarantee the very highest quality. The flour, the eggs, the fresh candied fruit, the butter and the oil are, for the most part, local products.

The initial phase: the whole working process starts from the sourdough, called "mother", the heart of the finished product. The mother needs great care and continuous and constant refreshment every 4 hours. After a processing of 16 hours, the evening dough is obtained which, when mixed with flour, sugar, egg, butter, honey and fruit leads to the final dough mix, that will then be put in the mould.

The leavening: the product is left to rest in a hot room with controlled temperature, steam and humidity for 12-14 hours, before being ready for glazing.

The glazing: a mixture of sugar and crumbs, it is placed over the product. On average a focaccia weighing 1 Kg stays in the oven for 60 minutes.

The cooling: when cooked, the product is turned around, turned upside down and placed to cool for 8-10 hours at room temperature without any type of treatment. After it has cooled, a splash of maraschino syrup (a liqueur, typical of the area, made from sour black cherries) is added which infuses it with an unmistakable aroma and taste.

The packaging: the packaging is produced entirely by hand and consequently guarantees special care and attention, also conveying the visual impact of a handmade product.